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Crayons and Fine Dining

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Last night my wife and me stepped out for dinner at what we thought was going to be a "nice" restaurant. We got dressed up and headed out for an evening of good food and some for just the two of us.

Upon sitting down at our table we noticed that the table cloth at the specific establishment that we chose to visit was made of a large white sheet of paper. The seemed kind of odds, as I would have expected something more along the lines of a white tablecloth at this specific restaurant.

Then I saw them... 

Sitting next to the bottle of what they claimed to be "Olive oil". (Which was clearly watered down with corn oil or some inexpensive substitute that they hoped most would never notice).

There were two crayons... As soon as I realized this the waiter came bouncing over in his faded white t-shirt with over-washed out black lettering on it to wistfully  grab the crayons from the table and introduce himself by writing his name in giant letters across the table cloth. JUSTIN... It read. Wow.. he could even spell his name upside down.

This sort of thing, is fine at a TGI McFunsters. In fact, I encourage it. It keeps the kids happy and excited and I know who to ask for when my server has deiced they would do a shot or 7 with a friend at the bar or take a 20 minute smoke break. But at a fine dining restaurant? I found this to be a bit out of place.

Needless to say, the fact that I was able to dine over "Justin"'s name in giant green and orange crayon that evening, the food wasn't all that bad. After the uber fun welcome, I wasn't sure what to expect. 

It is likely that I will go back. I just hope that the crayons will be gone.



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