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I've Given Up On My Garden

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Last year was the first year I attempted to grow a garden. I enjoyed it for the first few weeks, watching the leaves and stems pop out of the ground and actually grow was incredibly fulfilling. And then the weeds kicked in... and kept growing... and growing... and growing... Once I had the weeds under control I had a pumpkin vine that was on a mission to wrap itself around everything with-in its grasp. 

Some days it was actually quite disturbing how much it had grown, it almost felt like little shop of horrors. Eventually the pumpkin won out and took over everything. Then winter hit and my days in the garden were over. I blissfully forgot all the headache that it had brought me and this spring I began working in it once again. Then all the memories came flooding back my way. 

Rows of weeds started popping up seemingly faster than they did last year, and the pumpkin plants popped up with a vengeance, they have nothing to take over yet, but I seem them eying up the little seedlings that are beginning to show their sprouts. 

I feel overwhelmed. There are many more of them than there are me. Plus they have all day to plot and plan their next step. I have about 10 mins a day to go and keep the peace. 

I know its early in the season, but I think I may just let the plants duke it out - Plants VS Plans and see who survives. May the best plant win!


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