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Top 4 Grilling Mistakes to Avoid

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  • Mistake #1: Not using a “rub.” Good grillers put a layer of spices on their meat – called a rub BEFORE they start to cook. That’s because a rub will give your BBQ sauce something to stick to, and add another layer of flavor. You can find my favorite rub recipe video here.
  • Mistake #2: Adding your sauce too early. All sauces contain sugar, which can burn off during cooking, and potentially ruin the flavor. So, don’t add sauce until the last 15 minutes of cooking.Mistake
  • #3: Cooking with too much marinade. If meat is marinated properly, you should be able to pat it dry before cooking – because the flavor will be sealed under the skin. If you cook meat that’s still wet, the marinade will create steam, which ruins the color and texture of barbequed food.            
  • Mistake #4: You can’t control the flame because it keeps flaring up. Flare-ups often mean you’re cooking meat too close to the flame, and if you do that too long, the meat will end up tasting charred and bitter. Try raising the height of your grill grates. Or, set up two tiers of coals – like a hot tier, and a warm tier. If you flare-up, move the meat to the warm side until the fire dies down.


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