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Pulled Pork Cup Cake's and Lobster Corn Dogs

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On my most recent trip to Washington DC to shoot my parts for an upcoming Travel Channel series, I had the opportunity to dine at one of the cities best dining spots. "Bourbon Steak" inside the Four Seasons.

When you think "high end" you don't exactly expect to order something with the words "cup cake" or "corn dog in it". That is exactly what we had though. 

A Pulled Pork Cup Cake and Lobster Corn Dogs!

It was an amazing play on classic comfort food. 

Before you get grossed out by the whole "cup cake thing" - Know this. The "cup cake" dough was more in line with that of a Cheddar Bay Biscuit from Red Lobster. The pulled pork portion, could have easily competed with any of the best BBQ in KC. Combined it made one of the most creative and delicious appetizers I've ever had the pleasure of eating. 

The lobster corn dogs were just that too - Classic corn dog batter - wrapped around a chunk of lobster made into a "lobster dog" and deep fried. Paired with a butter mustard sauce, they were dare I say it... better than a Pronto-Pup. 

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