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Iconic Movie Locations

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When you see an iconic location in a movie, its hard for it to not be forever ingrained in your mind. Especially if the location rarely changes its appearance. For me one of those places is O'hare Airport in Chicago. The movie that comes to mind for me is Home Alone. I was kid when the original came out and remember going to see it in the theater. It was so exciting to see the family in the movie running through the "newly remodeled" (at the time) iconic airport halls lined with high steel arches to catch their flight.

It made me think about being a "grown up" some day, and at the time made me "excited" for the day when I too could rush through the gates to get to my flight. As of late, I have found my self in that very situation. Funny how not fun it is to be late for a flight, compared to the "excitement" that the movie made me feel. 

This week I found myself with about two hours to kill in O'hare airport, so I thought I would wander around a bit and take in some of the sights. It really is a great airport to be stuck in because they have so much to offer the stranded traveler. Massages to fine wine wine and cheeses to sports bars to simple people watching. Almost everywhere I went though, all I could think of was "Home Alone". KEVIN!

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