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Real Ghost Stories

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Every October, for the last 10 years on my radio show I ask our listeners to call in and tell me their real ghost stories.  These are some of my favorite shows to host. While not every story is completely believable, you do run across quite a few that make you pause and really think about the possibility of the unbelievable being a reality. Once the shows are complete, I take the best of the calls and compile them into a long-form program and post them online. It's a way to archive these accounts of the paranormal for years to come.

Do I think we'll ever be able to prove the existence of the paranormal through these calls? Certainly not. But the sheer volume of stories that we hear every year from people who would seemingly otherwise be completely lucid in their thinking, yet truly believe these strange and unknown happenings took place, makes you think "there has to be something going on here". Whatever your belief system is, you have to admit there's something special about hearing a good ghost story. Especially a ghost story told by someone who is sharing their own personal account of and experience. Anyone can tell a scary tale, but for most of us, once-in-a-lifetime we run into a situation that makes us question our own judgment. My unexplained experience occurred when I was 18 years old and living in my first apartment in Wausau Wisconsin. I lived in the very old downtown building above a bookstore. There were loads of ghost stories surrounding virtually every building in the one block radius that surrounded my apartment. I became aware of this after my unexplained experience. What occurred was this: around two in the morning I woke up from sleep feeling as if I was shaking, as something that felt very cold was slowly moving through me as I sat up. I felt completely paralyzed and couldn't move my arms or my legs.  All I could do was sit there and wait for the experienced two end. I'm sure it only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. I did not open my eyes as this horrible chill passed through me. Once it was over and I regained control in my arms and legs I immediately threw the covers over my head and laid there feaing what might be outside of the blankets. It almost sounds like something a five-year-old would do after a nightmare, but this experience felt all too real to me. The following day I began seeking out answers to what exactly occurred the night before. I ran into several possible answers. The most sensible one being that I fell into a state of sleep paralysis where my mind was dreaming it my body was physically awake. While this is not an extremely common occurrence, the human mind and body can fall into the state if the circumstance is just right. Had I opened my eyes, I would've very likely seen "paranormal" entities surrounding me in my room. While these would not truly be "paranormal entities", they would simply have been images my imagination was projecting onto the physical environment I was witnessing. Nonetheless, I'm sure they would have been terrifying. I'm truly happy I kept my eyes closed. Other explanations that I received upon doing research touched on the paranormal. As it turns out the wall just behind my headboard is adjacent to a stairwell which holds haunting tales of its own. Stories of a woman floating up and down the stairwell carrying a child repeatedly. This image has been reported by countless people walking by the stairwell from the streets below. Knowing that 3 feet behind my head was where this occurrence was reported to have had happened, I chose to relocate the bed in my room the following night. I believe I had an encounter with the paranormal entity? I'm not entirely sure. The sleep paralysis explanation seems to make quite a bit of sense. But the ghost story enthusiast in me wants me to say otherwise. Either way it was an experience I can't completely explain.

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