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Should You Put Stuffing Inside The Turkey?

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I've talked about this before in a blog post, but now that the big day is almost here, its worth bringing up again. It is not safe to put sutting in a turkey! No matter how many stories you read onthe topic, or how "safe" your mother in law tells you it is, it is not safe to put stuffing in a turkey if you:

A: Want the turkey to not taste like shoe
B: Want stuffing to be safe to eat. 

If you put the stuffing in and cook it to a safe temp, (internally 145F for more than 30 min), the rest of your bird will be over cooked. If you don't get the center of the bird that hot, you will end up with unsafe stuffing. It may look "tasty", but will not feel so tasty an hour or 4 later when you are in the ER getting your stomache pumpled. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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