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America's Mental Health Crisis

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The tragedy in Connecticut was not about "gun control" or "bullying". 

It was about mental health. 

If we want this senseless gun violence to stop, we need to focus on the real problem: Mental health treatment for those who need it. 

We need to remove the negative stereotypes put on those who seek out help, and find more effective ways to get help for those who can't afford it or do not know know it exists.

Readily available assault weapons do not help the situation. Especially when we have a major portion of our population that is not fit to own even a bic razor. However, the urge for these people to own and use a gun on another human is a only symptom of the main problem: A need for mental health help.

If more people are able to talk to someone that could help them make sense of the issues in their lives; finding ways to work through them in a productive manner, we would live in a much brighter world. 

Unfortunately, affordable mental health services are not readily available for all and many look down upon those who need them or view them as "weak". Even discouraging them from ever getting the help they need. Until this changes, we will continue to see senseless acts like this.

These are just my opinions and thoughts on a day that made me feel numb. I welcome your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below. 

-Tony Brueski

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