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Review of My Amityville Horror

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I've always been fascinated with the "ghost story" that is The Amityville Horror. Since a spent a summer vacation reading the book as a child, I've followed information on the topic and new bits of information as it was discovered over the last 30 years. To me, it remains one of the most bizarre, controversial and confusing murder and haunting cases ever. Every time I dive into it, I come out with more questions than answers. 

While there have been countless Amityville "movies" over the years that are pure Hollywood fantasy, there have been very few sold documentary's about the topic. 

The best documentary on the topic ever (in my opinion) has been released. It's called My Amityville Horror. It's a one-on-one interview with Daniel Lutz (who has always been silent on the topic). He was one of the children who lived through the 28 days inside the house at 112 Ocean Avenue. It was his step-fater and mother who promoted and originally shared the stories in the 1970's. 

In the documentary, you will meet a man who was defined by the story his parents told so many years ago. You will also hear new angles to that very story that no one has ever heard before. Because of this, I again walked away more intrigued than ever by this story and with more questions than answers. If you get a chance to watch it, it can be found on iTunes and various "on demand" services. 


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