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  • Beginnings: Cameron Troy

  • 1 in 2,000 chance of winning a new Toyota Camry to help the Shane Little Family

    Last month former WPD Officer Shane Little died in a tragic accident at Table Rock Lake. He has left behind a wife, Officer Amanda Little, and 4 young children. Shane was not only a member of our Wichita Police department but also a SWAT Team Member. In 2011 he contacted bacterial meningitis and nearly lost his life. Although he survived the illness, he lost all of his sight in one eye and approximately 70% of his sight in his other eye. Shane had no life insurance after having to leave WPD and was in the process of applying for new coverage but unfortunately the accident occurred before the paperwork was finalized.

  • Small Town Throwdown-Behind The Scenes

    Love the the footage...give it a watch!

  • Don't Run With Scissors

    It was 15 years ago and I was just weeks away from the birth of my daughter. My first and only and I was a HOT MESS. If you're a parent, you know what I"m talking about. I had so many questions, so much panic and anxiety. I was so afraid I was going to screw this child up in the worst way (and believe me I!

  • My chat with Jason Aldean

    Yup! I had the chance to chat with Jason Aldean. He kind of makes my heart race a little bit.

  • Man-O-Vision


  • All women need to watch this...

    It seems like anymore it's about how you LOOK on the outside. But it should be like what you're like on the INSIDE. How you treat others? What would you do if no one was looking? How would you act? How you treat yourself? How you look at yourself?

  • Two Sentence Tuesday

    It's official. TWO SENTENCE TUESDAY has officially become "a thing". Same rules still apply. Things that are trending, things that are random.....and I give you my TWO SENTENCE take on it. READY? GO!

  • Speak Up or Tune Out?

  • 4th Annual American Indian Festival

  • FGL's new video for "Dirt"...

    So Florida Georgia Line just released a new single on Monday - AND - they already have a video for it. I think that's a great idea. The video came out this morning and already has well over a million hits on it. I like that this new song shows a little different side of FGL. Great job.

  • That Won't Happen To Me

    We humans are funny animals. So different on so many levels yet we all have one thing in common. We all, at one point in our life will do something that we know is not the best idea but we will justify it in our tiny human brain with 5 simple words: THAT WON'T HAPPEN TO ME!

  • Two Sentence Tuesday

    Time for another round of TWO SENTENCE TUESDAY. Just 2 sentences to comment on stuff that's trending, random and everything in between. Here we go!

  • Spoiler Alerts...

    It's an insanely cute puppy carrying a ball. That's it.

  • Truth, Forgiveness and Chocolate

    Today we celebrate 3 important things! I'm celebrating 4...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my Sister Liz. Along with my sister's birthday, the other 3 things being celebrated that you may not have been aware of are:

  • 4th Of July Donations and Food Stuffs

    As you learn more and more about me you'll come to realize one of my passions is giving of my time and donating blood. Before we go any further, there is a great event going on at the Sedgwick County Zoo heading into 4th of July weekend. I'll be there to donate and I encourage you to do the same. Here is a tweet from the Red Cross!

  • Randy Houser's new video is amazing!

    I absolutely LOVE this song. One of my favorite songs on the CD actually so I was super happy when he released it as a single.

  • Two Sentence Tuesday

    Lets try something new. Every Tuesday, will now be "Two Sentence Tuesday". I will take stuff that's trending or just random stuff and comment. All in two sentences or less. Ready....Go!

  • Jake Owen, Parmalee and The Cadillac Three

    If you missed it, it was a fun time all the way around, so here's a recap. The VIPre Party started right at 5. Our winners were ready to get in from out of the heat and humidity and enjoy some tasty specialty drinks to go with the "Beachin'" theme. There were two to choose from, "The Beachin" and "The Jake" (that was my favorite).

  • Tate Stevens Interview and his NEW SINGLE-"Better At Night"

    Well, someone has to be first....and I'm happy it was Tate. Since coming to Wichita, almost a month ago, I have been having a blast. Honored to have X-Factor season 2 winner and RPM Entertainment Artist Tate Stevens be my first guest here at KFDI. Hopefully, the first of many. If you missed the interview and the new it is.

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