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  • Update on our friend and coworker, Dane Daniel

    You've heard Dane's voice on the air here on KFDI for years. He's our number one go-to guy when it comes to filling in a shift. As you might imagine, filling in can be a challenge as everyone's shows are a little different and Dane always fills in and makes it seem so effortless...and let me tell you, it's not.

  • Kellie Pickler at River Festival!

    Don't miss the KFDI Coleman Country Concert this Sunday night at the West Bank Stage. This year it's very different as it's a ticketed show...which means you need a ticket to get in! You can get them for $15 at all select-a-seat ticket outlets (and I'm assuming they'll be selling them at the gate too). David Nail hits the stage at 6:30 and Kellie goes on at 8:00.

  • Now THIS is a great proposal!

    Alright, I will admit it...this makes me cry! It makes me cry because I think it's so sweet and thoughtful. When you think about all of the planning that went into it as well as rehearsal AND he had so many friends and family members be part of the proposal - well, it just touches my heart. When you watch this, try to watch it in full screen because you can really see her reaction as the video goes along. So sweet. I think these two will have many happy years together. And after seeing this I think I'd like to meet them!

  • The Biggest Fast Food Flops of All Time

    Here is a look back at some of the biggest fast food flops of all time! Remember any of these?

  • I've Given Up On My Garden

    I feel overwhelmed. There are many more of them than there are me. Plus they have all day to plot and plan their next step. I have about 10 mins a day to go and keep the peace.

  • Has anyone seen this dog????

    First off, I don't know what I would do if Buddy was missing. I just couldn't imagine. Have you seen this girl???

  • KFDI Listeners Punk'd by Easton Corbin!

    First off: it wasn't my idea to take Easton Corbin out in the crowd waiting to get in to our Listener Appreciation Show - it was HIS idea!!!!

  • Crayons and Fine Dining

    Last night my wife and me stepped out for dinner at what we thought was going to be a "nice" restaurant. We got dressed up and headed out for an evening of good food and some for just the two of us.

  • What's the beef?

    Beef had been getting a bad wrap lately. From Pink slime to Mad Cow those juicy heifers don't seem to be getting a break. I'm not an anti-beef person. In fact if it wouldn't otherwise mean an imminent death by the age of 35,

  • Beer and Fish... Two Of My Favorite Things

    With the price of fish going up and up and up, finding a flavorful yet relatively inexpensive fish other than tilapia can be a challenge when cooking for a group. I went with an old staple from virtually every super club menu I can remember.

  • Need to exercise more??? Walk your dog!!!!!!

    If there is one thing I am good at - it's walking my dog. I think I love it as much as Buddy does. It's a great way for both of us to not only get exercise but it's a great time for me to clear my head AND a great time to work with Buddy on his training. (That's something we're always working on!) Dan Dillon sent me this article and I think it's very well written. And with the temperatures starting to heat up, please watch your dog carefully when you're walking in warmer temperatures. A heat stroke is VERY serious for you and for your dog. It's scary too, it happened to my dog years ago and it was only about 80 degrees that day - but it was very humid. Make sure they have plenty to drink too!

  • How you can help Wichitans AND their four-legged family members affected by the storms...

    So many people were affected by the recent storms and they have a long road ahead of them. Many of their pets are in need of temporary shelter along with food and kitty litter. Can you help them out by donating??? Here is the information from the Kansas Humane Society:

  • Time To Order Something New

    Is it just me, or is it hard to get excited about eating out when you can create something just as good, if not better at home for a fraction of the price? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy someone else doing all the work in the kitchen for a change. But when I'm shelling out 3 or 4 times what it would cost for me to make the exact same dish at home and actually season it properly and serve it at the correct temp, I tend to get a little "per-turbed" ... as my mother would call it. (I'm not even sure if that is word).

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