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    "Crap Free Cooking" With My 5 Year Old, Olivia

    The healthiest eater in our house? The 5 year old. Seriously! She's all about veggies and cutting out trans-fats. She even eats the crust! Because of this, I thought it was time we started her own "How to" video series. We call it "Crap Free Cooking With Olivia".

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    The RIGHT Way to Make BBQ Ribs?

    I love good BBQ Ribs! When you think about it though... Good BBQ can be alot like... What Brian and Kellie call "bowling". So how do you make the "perfect" BBQ rib? I ask a few of the experts in the field to find the answer!

  • An update on our friend and coworker Dane Daniel

    This has been a tough, tough week here at KFDI. One thing I have always appreciated about KFDI is that I have always felt like I'm part of a family. My coworkers aren't just people I work with - they are all people I care very much about and I feel like we're all part of a family here. And when one person needs help, people here step up and do what they have to do.

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    Top 4 Grilling Mistakes to Avoid

    Good grillers put a layer of spices on their meat – called a rub BEFORE they start to cook. That’s because a rub will give your BBQ sauce something to stick to, and add another layer of flavor.

  • Here you go Kenny Chesney Fans - it's his new video!

    Girls in skimpy bikinis and Kenny playing piano AND Kenny without his cowboy hat! It's all in his brand-spanking new video for "Come Over". Check it out!

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    Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza?

    How could we let the Brit's get this piece of fast food wonder before the USA? How could we let the folks across the pond who look to us for junk food inspiration down on such a massive scale? Somehow it has happened, and Pizza Hut has released the "hot dog stuffed crust pizza" over seas before it hits the ever expanding tables and gullets of America.

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    Tony Cooks Crab!

    This was my first attempt at any sort of recipe with the word "puff" in it. When it comes to recipes, I'm not exactly one who ever follows it step by step, or measures ANYTHING. So when you need an object to "puff" or rise in any way shape or form, I'm not exactly the chef for the job. This is why I avoid baking. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well these "puffs" turned out. Here is what I did.

  • Update on our friend and coworker, Dane Daniel

    You've heard Dane's voice on the air here on KFDI for years. He's our number one go-to guy when it comes to filling in a shift. As you might imagine, filling in can be a challenge as everyone's shows are a little different and Dane always fills in and makes it seem so effortless...and let me tell you, it's not.

  • Kellie Pickler at River Festival!

    Don't miss the KFDI Coleman Country Concert this Sunday night at the West Bank Stage. This year it's very different as it's a ticketed show...which means you need a ticket to get in! You can get them for $15 at all select-a-seat ticket outlets (and I'm assuming they'll be selling them at the gate too). David Nail hits the stage at 6:30 and Kellie goes on at 8:00.

  • Now THIS is a great proposal!

    Alright, I will admit it...this makes me cry! It makes me cry because I think it's so sweet and thoughtful. When you think about all of the planning that went into it as well as rehearsal AND he had so many friends and family members be part of the proposal - well, it just touches my heart. When you watch this, try to watch it in full screen because you can really see her reaction as the video goes along. So sweet. I think these two will have many happy years together. And after seeing this I think I'd like to meet them!

  • The Biggest Fast Food Flops of All Time

    Here is a look back at some of the biggest fast food flops of all time! Remember any of these?

  • I've Given Up On My Garden

    I feel overwhelmed. There are many more of them than there are me. Plus they have all day to plot and plan their next step. I have about 10 mins a day to go and keep the peace.

  • Has anyone seen this dog????

    First off, I don't know what I would do if Buddy was missing. I just couldn't imagine. Have you seen this girl???

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