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  • Time To Order Something New

    Is it just me, or is it hard to get excited about eating out when you can create something just as good, if not better at home for a fraction of the price? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy someone else doing all the work in the kitchen for a change. But when I'm shelling out 3 or 4 times what it would cost for me to make the exact same dish at home and actually season it properly and serve it at the correct temp, I tend to get a little "per-turbed" ... as my mother would call it. (I'm not even sure if that is word).

  • Miranda's performance of "The House That Built Me" Saturday night...

    I will have to say that being at Intrust Bank Arena while during a tornado warning was going on was something I certainly had nevered experienced. Usually you experience something like that with your family in a basement or someplace you've taken shelter but being someplace with thousands of other people was so surreal. I was impressed how calm everyone was. I was very lucky to be with a couple of my record guys who work with Miranda, Chris and Jerrod's labels so they took me back stage to watch the radar - I later realized we were in Jerrod Niemann's dressing room.

  • Have you seen this video???? It's so sweet!

    Have you watched this about Caine and his do-it-yourself video? It really touched my heart. They've raised a lot of money too to help put this incredible boy through college. It's about ten minutes long - but it's definitely worth taking ten minutes to watch it. It makes you feel like there are lots of good people in this world!

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