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    Expensive Movie Popcorn Lawsuit?!

    A man is trying to sue his local movie theater over the price of popcorn! In other news... one man who goes to the movies too often has too much time on his hands.

  • Please help me find this dog a loving home!

    My friends found this dog about a week ago...we have tried finding her people and no luck. So we now need to find her a new home! She's pretty young, we think around a year, we'll make sure she has her shots and everything so you don't have to worry about that. She just needs a good home with lots of love!

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    Frozen Pizza From My Home Town

    I miss my home town's frozen pizza. I know, not exactly something that many would think of to "miss" when they are not living in their hometown. But I do miss it. I recenlty took a trip back to my home town of Fond du Lac, WI and managed to pick up some of the frozen "Joes Fox Hut" pizzas and transer them back to Kansas in a cooler. Last night, I finished my last one.

  • You Could WIN A Cruise!!!!!!

    That's could WIN a cruise on our 2013 Cruise with Carol! Join us July 21st at our official cruise sponsor, Craft Country Gifts. I'll be broadcasting live from 10-noon and you can stop by and get registered to win a cruise for two. We'll draw one qualifier that day - and it could be YOU! Ask Cindy Glazier how that worked out for her last time we were there...she's a qualifier! We'll end up with four qualifers so you have great odds of winning if you are the lucky person on July 21st!

  • Meet The Robo Redneck (aka Zac Brown) In "Wind' Video

  • The Redneck Rocket Launcher. ...Wait for it.

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    Tony Cooks A HUGE Buffalo Burger!

    Enjoy this amazingly huge and tasty buffalo burger on the grill this summer!

  • Thank you Andy Griffith

    There are a few people on this big earth I don't know but I would like to thank them for being here. Andy Griffith is one of those people (also included: Carol Burnett, Betty White). Andy Griffith has ALWAYS been part of my life. I grew up watching the Andy Griffith show and he always felt so real to me that it was like he was an uncle or someone in my family. I just don't feel the same way about many stars today. There are very few people anymore who you feel like you know - and you've never met them.

  • Weather Forecast includes GODZILLA!!!! (VIDEO)

  • Please don't drive naked.

    Close your eyes and pretend for a moment you're driving your car naked. Yep. Naked as a jaybird. You're steering & braking & signaling and performing every function of operating a vehicle - devoid of clothing. Why might you do that? Maybe it's hot - unbearably hot. You have no A/C and the windows don't go down. That's plausible. Maybe you don't want armpit stains on a special shirt you plan on wearing that night. Maybe in the process of taking off the shirt, you thought, "What the Heck, I'll take off my pants too!"

  • One Free Cat = Years of Happiness for you!

    This Saturday from 11am to 1 pm, you can adopt a cat or kitten from the Kansas Humane Society for FREE!!! They have more than 80 cats and kittens that really need to be in forever homes. Keep in mind, even though the kittys are free, you can still donate $$ to the Humane Society!

  • If a man does this, he will be instantly happier.

    Researchers at Cambridge University in England have discovered what they say is THE secret to happiness for men.

  • It's hot, so here is a Cats Playing In Snow Video!

    I decided that Kansas would seem less hot today if I thought about snow. Then I decided I should watch a video with snow. Then I thought I would like to find animals playing in snow. Then I found this. Here's something you don't see often - a Cats Playing In Snow Video!

  • Kansas Farm Kids make Uber Cool Video.

  • Is This The Ugliest Dog In The World?

    Dogs from all over the world were vying for the title of World's Ugliest Dog in Petaluma, Calif. over the weekend. The opposite of the Westminster Dog Show, in this competition these canines did not come fully fluffed and neatly brushed. Instead, each of the 30 contestants showed up with their own unique look. For instance, Mouse the bulbous Chihuahua was missing an eye, and Daisy the Pug's special feature was an uncontrollable tongue. There were plenty more interesting mugs, but unfortunately only one doggie could go home with the prized title.

  • New Tim McGraw and NEWER Tim McGraw!

    Tim McGraw's in kind of a great professional place right now and a weird professional place right now. He just left Curb Records and signed with Big Machine Records. No big deal except for both labels are putting out new Tim songs at pretty much the same time.

  • Backyard Waterslide of DOOM

  • Imagine wearing a fur coat in this heat!!!!

    It's hot outside. Imagine how hot you'd be in a fur coat! Well, your animals are wearing fur coats and this hot weather can be very dangerous for your pets. Years ago my dog Jess had a heat stroke and it was VERY scary. So do what you can to protect your four-legged friends from these hot temperatures..

  • There Is An Emergency Need In Wichita. Can You Help?

    The American Red Cross is issuing an emergency call for people to donate blood. Jennfer Keller at the Red Cross wrote me to say that they have about half the supply of blood products as they did this time last year.

  • What The Heck Would You Do With This?: Stories From Country Stampede

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