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  • Two Sentence Tuesday

    It's Tuesday, it's September 2nd....seemed like the perfect time to bring back "2 SENTENCE TUESDAY". It's my thoughts on the stuff you are talking about, the things that are trending ....and I only get 2 sentences. HERE WE GO

  • 50 Shades of Cray: "Drunk On A Plane"

    Time for a new feature on The HayesWire and I'm going to call this one 50 SHADES OF CRAY. Think of it as an ongoing series that highlights the CRAZY that is all around us that makes you say to yourself, "That is STRAIGHT CRAY CRAY"!

  • It's legal to walk around naked in Kansas

  • What happens when your Dad works for Dreamworks as an animator???

    You get the most incredible kid videos EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristian Bush Interview

    If you missed the interview with Kristian Bush, here it is (includes his new song, "Trailer Hitch")

  • Is this the ultimate Ice Bucket Challenge Fail?

    Is this the ultimate ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Fail? If not, it's close to the ultimate!

  • Dog blows bubbles in pool - on command. Nice.

  • Passing time at work?

    I know you are. Look at me. I'm at work and posting random videos to make you smile while you're at work. Or maybe you're looking at these when you're NOT at work. Yeah right... :)

  • Any last words?

    Do you know what your final words will be? I'm not sure what my final words are going to be. In reality, does anybody? You can try and plan something like that but there are no guarantees that at the right time the right, final words will be said. Maybe "I Love You" or maybe "Thank you God for a blessed life" or even "see you soon"......regardless, I'm pretty sure I don't want my last word to be YOLO!

  • Beginnings: Adam Capps and The Dirt Road Drifters

  • One Life Changing Text

    By now you've heard us talking about our Band Together Campaign with our community partners from Davis-Moore. It's day 3 of the campaign and I'm sitting at my desk wondering how many of you have taken the pledge. How many of you have really think about the consequences of what CAN happen and ultimately WILL happen when you text and drive. Your luck WILL run out. It's statistics, it's odds, it's just that simple. Don't think it will happen to you. Think you have better motor skills than other think to yourself, "I GOT THIS" .....yeah, that's what this young lady thought. If you are old enough to drive, click on the link and WATCH AND LISTEN to the story of Liz Marks.

  • Best Ice Bucket Challenge Fails

    Seems everyone is doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It might go down as the biggest fundraising campaign of all time recently raising an amazing $8 million dollars in a single day. But not all Ice Bucket Challenges go as planned. When they don't it's called an "Ice Bucket Fail." And, here is a compilation of the best "fails" on the internet so far. Enjoy! Mobile Users click HERE.

  • Ice Ice Baby (helps reduce the swelling)

    I said it last week and now I feel the need to repeat myself. It might be time to put an end to THE ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE and just DONATE to ALS. Why you ask, well if last weeks video of Phoenix Jones using a bucket of ice, a kiddie pool with ice and a taser wasn't enough to convince you, maybe this collection of video will do the trick. (Yes, physical humor at the expense of others is funny, but SERIOUSLY, someone is going to get seriously hurt).

  • Willie Nelson and the best card trick EVER!

    OK, this is a little long but DEFINITELY worth watching. I have no idea how he does it, but it's quite amazing!

  • Zombies Are Real

  • Hard to describe. Let's say, "Face Monster interrupts a woman shopping."

  • Pink Heals Poker Run

    If you or someone you know has been touched by cancer, here is information on a fun event coming up on August 31st. It's the PINK HEALS POKER RUN and I had the chance to chat with Emilee Moss, the event coordinator on the phone. Give it a listen. Everything you need to learn more on how you can help is right here on today's edition of The HayesWire.

  • What does a $38 million dollar car look like?

    What does a $38 million dollar car look like? Now we know. The most expensive car ever auctioned was sold Thursday night, August 14 2015,in Pebble Beach, California for a record-breaking $38.1 million. It is a very-rare Ferrari 250 GTO. Watch the video below to find out why this car is worth so much. Mobile users click HERE.

  • Ready for new music? Here are some dates you need to know about!

    There are a LOT of CDs getting ready to come out! I think you might have to take out a loan or pick up an extra job to afford all the music that's getting ready to come out between now and then end of the year. I'll update this as I get more information...super excited to listen too all this new music!

  • Spanx But No Spanx

    Yesterday on the HayesWire, I eluded to a time where I had to wear pantyhose. It got me thinking! I think I have a greater perspective, more so than the average man, of the lengths you women go to on a daily basis to get dressed. Then I saw this video and I think it drives the point home. There are so many reasons I believe women are the stronger sex, this is just one of them! Ladies, have your men watch this with you and laugh together!

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