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    Brueski's Chicken Sliders with Cherry Barbecue Sauce

    In this video I'll show you how to make one of my favorites barbecue sauces: Sweet and spicy cherry barbecue sauce.

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    Tony Breuski's Sweet and Spicy Cole Slaw Recipe

    Here is my favorite recipe for cole slaw! Its sweet and spicy and super delicious!

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    How To Make Spiced Apple Berry Cider

    One of my favorite drinks of fall is a spiced apple berry cider. When you take a little extra time to add some of those key flavors of fall (clove, cinnamon, allspice, coriander) to a bubbling pot of Apple juice, what you end up with is the perfect cider.

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    Tony's Graveyard Ghost Investigation

    In 2004 I went on a real ghost investigation with professional paranormal investigator Chad Lewis. The audio from that night was captured and shared on the air shortly after. This is the audio from that night with commentary from me, looking back on it years later.

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    What Is The Best "Meal" From A Vending Machine?

    When there are simply no other options and you can't leave your place of work... What is the best "meal" that comes from a vending machine? Leave your answer in the comments section below!

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    What is the Best Fall Beer?

    What is the best beer to drink in the fall? There are so many autumn brews to pick from its hard to know what is good and what is bad! Let me know what one you like best!

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    The Anger Room?

    A woman in Texas has created an "anger room" where, for a price, you can destroy the room's contents to release your anger.

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    How Fancy Restaurants Get Awards

    Ever wonder how fancy restaurants get fancy awards like the "Michelin Star"? We examine how some of them get it done, in this edition of "Food News Tonight".

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    Real Ghost Stories From Real People

    I love this time of year! More specifically, I love Halloween and ghost stories! To help get you in the mood - here are some Real Ghost Stories from Real People! If you have a ghost story to share

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    The Pretentious Wine-O

    I love wine and learning about new wines. It seems that almost every wine show online is way over my head though. So I decied to create the ultimate pompous crazy wine show that goes beyond all of those shows, and the bounds of sanity. I give you "The Pretentious Wine-O" with your host Victor Rahillioioooosisoooss.

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    Funny iPhone 5 Promo Video Parody

    Apple just released another over the top promo video for the latest iPhone - the iPhone 5. After watching it, I felt a parody video just had to be created. Enjoy!

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    One Morning in Washington D.C.

    On my last trip to Washington D.C. for taping of my parts in a new Travel Channel show (more info on that soon), I finally did something that I had always wanted to do: I walked the mall. My previous trips had proven to be too hot or too cold to make it out or too little time. This trip, proved to be perfect as I found a whole morning to wander and take in the sights. I took a bunch of pictures to share with you

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    How to Make A Giant Buffalo Burger!

    Football season is here! With it, comes some great food! Kick of your season with recipe for a GIANT buffalo burger! This thing could feed an entire team!

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    Tony Eats Grasshopper Taco

    They tasted... well... salty. Not "Gooey" or anything, just salty with little flavor. Texture was that of boiled peanuts. I also had some other great dishes including shrimp with roasted black garlic, peanut roasted brussel sprouts and a pork belly taco. All in all a great lunch! I just wish we could get grasshopper tacos in Wichita!

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    Angry Fast Food Review

    Check out my reading of this guys "Yelp" review of a select "fast food seafood" restaurant. I'm not sure what the writer of this hates more, his son-in-law or the fast food.

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    Calzone Almost Kills A Man

    A calzone nearly killed a man when he simply wanted to try a new Italian restaurant! Get the whole story in this brand new "Over Dramatic Restaurant Review" from Tony Brueski.

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    My Crazy Dog Ran Into The Camera

    While out on the deck the other night, I called my dog up. She tends to have more energy than she needs and does a sliding stop. This was the case again, however the camera broke her slide.

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    Tony Brueski's New Baby & Picture!

    The person I made: Harper Lynn. I'm now starting to understand why parents take so many pictures of their kids. It's hard not to. Even though it seems that humans making people is a relatively routine task, when its your own, it feels quite amazing.

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    Domino's Pizza DROPS Pizza!

    Domino's Pizza is Dropping Pizza!!! What is this world coming to! Watch the video for the complete story.

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    Over-Dramatic Restaurant Review

    Marilyn Hagerty took the world of Restaurant Reviews by storm earlier this year with her "stunning" review of the new Olive Garden that made its way in to Grand Forks, North Dakota. In honor of her life changing views on the Garden of Olives, we took some time out for a true dramatic reading of her review.

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