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    Over-Dramatic Restaurant Review

    Marilyn Hagerty took the world of Restaurant Reviews by storm earlier this year with her "stunning" review of the new Olive Garden that made its way in to Grand Forks, North Dakota. In honor of her life changing views on the Garden of Olives, we took some time out for a true dramatic reading of her review.

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    Prego VS Ragu

    What do you like better? Prego or Ragu? We take on this age old debate in a new episode of Food vs Food!

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    Iconic Movie Locations

    When you see an iconic location in a movie, its hard for it to not be forever ingrained in your mind. Especially if the location rarely changes its appearance. For me one of those places is O'hare Airport in Chicago. The movie that comes to mind for me is Home Alone.

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    Tony Bakes Pulled Pork Cookies!

    It's BBQ Pulled Pork... In a... COOKIE?!? ITS A BBQ PULLED PORK COOKIE! Tony whips up what may sound horrible, yet tastes amazing in this new cooking video.

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    Good Wichita Burger Restaurant Gone

    Last year I had the pleasure of visiting a great burger joint in Park City called "Hamburger Hero's". Shortly after they moved shop to a downtown location. I recently heard that they closed up shop in the "new" location as well. Its a shame, this place had some of the best burgers in town and had a very creative way of adding "bacon" to the burger. Here is a look back at a hidden gem that has slipped of the Wichita dining scene.

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    Pulled Pork Cup Cake's and Lobster Corn Dogs

    On my most recent trip to Washington DC to shoot my parts for an upcoming Travel Channel series, I had the opportunity to dine at one of the cities best dining spots. "Bourbon Steak" inside the Four Seasons.

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    How To Advance To The Front Of The Line At The Wichita DMV

    How do you do the same thing you ask? Here is info - Please share this page with your friends and family so they have an inside way of getting ahead at the DMV as well!

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    Expensive Movie Popcorn Lawsuit?!

    A man is trying to sue his local movie theater over the price of popcorn! In other news... one man who goes to the movies too often has too much time on his hands.

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    Frozen Pizza From My Home Town

    I miss my home town's frozen pizza. I know, not exactly something that many would think of to "miss" when they are not living in their hometown. But I do miss it. I recenlty took a trip back to my home town of Fond du Lac, WI and managed to pick up some of the frozen "Joes Fox Hut" pizzas and transer them back to Kansas in a cooler. Last night, I finished my last one.

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    Tony Cooks A HUGE Buffalo Burger!

    Enjoy this amazingly huge and tasty buffalo burger on the grill this summer!

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    Home Made Potato Chips... Sort of...

    This is a little trick I leared a few years back for serving potato chips. Its a great way to make your friends think you just "made them fresh". (Who has the time for that!). Plus you can get very creative with your seasoning.

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    The Bacon Sundae From BK?

    It's in select parts of the country right now: The Bacon Sundae from Burger King.

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    Door County Gin from Wisconsin

    I was recently sent a bottle of Gin from one of my favorite places on earth: Door County Wisconsin. It's a little vacation spot located on the finger of Wisconsin that juts out into lake Michigan. Its loaded with amazing views, great shops, hiking, camping, wineries and this place... Door County Distillery.

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    "Crap Free Cooking" With My 5 Year Old, Olivia

    The healthiest eater in our house? The 5 year old. Seriously! She's all about veggies and cutting out trans-fats. She even eats the crust! Because of this, I thought it was time we started her own "How to" video series. We call it "Crap Free Cooking With Olivia".

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    The RIGHT Way to Make BBQ Ribs?

    I love good BBQ Ribs! When you think about it though... Good BBQ can be alot like... What Brian and Kellie call "bowling". So how do you make the "perfect" BBQ rib? I ask a few of the experts in the field to find the answer!

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    Top 4 Grilling Mistakes to Avoid

    Good grillers put a layer of spices on their meat – called a rub BEFORE they start to cook. That’s because a rub will give your BBQ sauce something to stick to, and add another layer of flavor.

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    Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza?

    How could we let the Brit's get this piece of fast food wonder before the USA? How could we let the folks across the pond who look to us for junk food inspiration down on such a massive scale? Somehow it has happened, and Pizza Hut has released the "hot dog stuffed crust pizza" over seas before it hits the ever expanding tables and gullets of America.

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    Tony Cooks Crab!

    This was my first attempt at any sort of recipe with the word "puff" in it. When it comes to recipes, I'm not exactly one who ever follows it step by step, or measures ANYTHING. So when you need an object to "puff" or rise in any way shape or form, I'm not exactly the chef for the job. This is why I avoid baking. I was very pleasantly surprised by how well these "puffs" turned out. Here is what I did.

  • The Biggest Fast Food Flops of All Time

    Here is a look back at some of the biggest fast food flops of all time! Remember any of these?

  • I've Given Up On My Garden

    I feel overwhelmed. There are many more of them than there are me. Plus they have all day to plot and plan their next step. I have about 10 mins a day to go and keep the peace.

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