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  • What's the beef?

    Beef had been getting a bad wrap lately. From Pink slime to Mad Cow those juicy heifers don't seem to be getting a break. I'm not an anti-beef person. In fact if it wouldn't otherwise mean an imminent death by the age of 35,

  • Beer and Fish... Two Of My Favorite Things

    With the price of fish going up and up and up, finding a flavorful yet relatively inexpensive fish other than tilapia can be a challenge when cooking for a group. I went with an old staple from virtually every super club menu I can remember.

  • Time To Order Something New

    Is it just me, or is it hard to get excited about eating out when you can create something just as good, if not better at home for a fraction of the price? Don't get me wrong, I enjoy someone else doing all the work in the kitchen for a change. But when I'm shelling out 3 or 4 times what it would cost for me to make the exact same dish at home and actually season it properly and serve it at the correct temp, I tend to get a little "per-turbed" ... as my mother would call it. (I'm not even sure if that is word).

  • What Is Pink Slime?

    Tony explains exactly what goes into the "Pink Slime" that goes into many ground meat products in the United states. Do you know your pink slime?

  • Haunted Wichita Restaurant: Doc's Steakhouse

    Tony visits Doc's Steakhouse in Wichita Kansas. Docs is known for their "garlic salad", great steaks and.... The ghost of Doc Himself. Some believe that the original owner himself is returning to the restaurant that bears his name almost 30 years after his death.

  • FPO

    Parenting Advice From A Pizza Menu

    My theory is this... If you actually act like a parent, you're kids may just treat you like one. Recently there was a parental backlash against a Pizzeria in Atlanta, GA after the restaurant took a stand against loud and uncontrolled children. They asked parents to do something most parents are not comfortable with doing… being a parent.

  • The Bacon Milk Shake

    In the event that you felt you were missing "something" in your milkshake, Jack in The Box has come to the rescue! This time with the "off the menu" Bacon Milk Shake! Now you know about it... Now you can order it... But Jack in The Box say's it will only be at select locations for a limited time.

  • How to Make Cheesy Potato Boats

    These were a staple of eating out and "food ball" food on Sundays growing up in Wisconsin. I remember the first time I had them... It was at a little bar & grilled called MH Stevens off the interstate between hometown of Fond du Lac, WI and Milwaukee, WI.

  • Snickers Kills the King Size

    Could it be true? Is Snickers and Mar's company actually going to kill off the King Size candy bar that so many rely on for their day's calorie and fat intake... or just a small afternoon "snack"? How ever will we cope?

  • My Top 5 Songs of 2011

    Everyone has a "chart" with their "top songs" of the year. Here are my favorites as determined by me, based on my opinion and no scientific research. Just my faves of the year.

  • When Comfort Foods Are Better

    I'm someone who loves to take ordinary dishes and turn them into the extraordinary. Taking the concepts that people are already very familiar with and taking them up to a level that they would never expect brings joy to some part of my brain that is obsessed with food. This is what I love to do year-round at dinner parties and when I'm just cooking for my family at home.

  • What's Brueski Drinking? Episode 2

    We taste a unique craft beer called "Milk Stout" from the Left Hand Brewing Company.

  • Whats Brueski Drinking? Episode 1

    Tony Brueski Explores the October Fest brew from The Free State Brewing Company.

  • Palmers Grill Review

    I didn't know what to expect when walking through the doors of Palmer's Grill just off of K96 near the east Menard's. Palmer's is in the old Wichita Restaurant location of Fritz Grill Co. which had been standing empty for several years. The decor of Palmer's hasn't changed much since Fritz closed its doors - but you would only know that if you had dined there years ago. Everything looks very clean and new.

  • Hamburger Heroes in Park City

    This place celebrates what a good local American burger joint was and still can be with some passion and love for the job.

  • Best Mac & Cheese EVER at Mike's Wine Dive

    Take the ultimate comfort food and adjust it for your "grown up" tastes. That is what you get with this deliciously rich and creamy dish. Savory, Creamy, Cheesy accented by the sweetness of fresh lobster tail and you could easily ask for seconds, although your waste line and cardiologist may suggest otherwise.

  • "Pig Wings" at When Pigs Fly BBQ

    I'm always on the lookout for something unique and new. When I heard about another BBQ joint in Wichita, quite honestly I wasn't in a big rush to get there. I'm sure the food was good, but there is certainly no shortage of BBQ shops around town. Then I was told about a unique offering from "When Pigs Fly". They had something I had only read about in fairy-tales and horror novels. "Pig Wings"

  • Tommy's Restaurant

    I first walked through the doors of Tommy's 3 years ago. Upon entering the "lounge" it instantly became one of my favorite spots in the city. The main reason for my love of this unique establishment is pure nostalgia. I grew up in Wisconsin and almost every Friday night was taken to a "Supper Club" for the "Friday Night Fish Fry".

  • Little Saigon

    Some of the best things at a Vietnamese Restaurants to me - are the appetizers. I could have easily order 3 or 4 of them to share and call it a meal. The rice paper spring rolls were very fresh and the shrimp packed in it was fresh! I had to point this out, because there has been some recent incidents in other diners of the same theme where the shrimp was questionable at best. The peanut sauce could use a bit more of a kick, but thats what the table side Sriracha is for.

  • Crazy Good Sandwiches at Nancy's!

    If its delicious and sometimes "odd" sandwiches you crave. Then Nancy's AMaizen Sandwiches is a place that you will love. This little diner can be found about 1 mile out of Wichita on the main strip in Maize... Hence A-MAIZE-N. I've been here several time now and continue to find new favorites.

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