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Yes, I use the No No Hair Removal System?

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Yes, I do use the No No Hair Removal system.  I am getting a lot of emails about it.

It does work.  I wouldn't talk about it on the show if it didn't.

Here's the deal with the No No System.  You use it a couple times a week for a few weeks and magically, the hair on your legs and underarms just stops growing.  I love that.  Since I get up early I can save a few minutes each morning not having to shave.

I haven't used it on the bikini line, since I don't actually wear a bikini. LOL.  And, some women also use it on their face but I haven't had the need to do that....yet.

We have a special website that gives you a deal on the system with some extras.  Go to

Let me know if you order it and how it works for you.  You can email me at



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