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Kellie's 21-Can Vegetable Soup Recipe

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Kellie's 21-Can Vegetable Soup Recipe  

One of my favorite recipes.  Just fire up the can opener. This will  feed a family of 6 with some left over to freeze if you want.  You can also do a 9 or 10 can version just by cutting down on the # of cans you use.
3 lb beef stew meat 
1 lg 48 oz can V8 juice (use the spicey version if you want a little kick)
2 cans of stewed tomatoes 
3 cans Veg-all 
3 cans green beans 
3 cans whole kernel corn 
3 cans peas
3 cans of potatos (I cut them into small chunks)
3 cans of water (just use one of the empty veggie cans and fill with water)
Salt and Pepper to taste 
Cover bottom of large soup pot with olive oil.  Add meat and brown.
Add V8 juice and both cans of stewed tomatoes, then just start opening those veggie cans, drain all of the water and dump them into the soup pot. 
Add 3 cans of water using one of the empty veggie cans.
Salt and pepper to taste.
Cover and bring to a boil.  If you need more liquid, add water as needed (might need to add some as it cooks down.) Reduce heat to simmer for 2- 3 hours or until meat is tender.
This soup freezes great.  If you have a lot, immediately transfer to freezer bowls and put some away for a future dinner.  To reheat, I thaw in the fridge and then put in a large soup pot to slowly bring back to life, stirring frequently.

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