Moola The KFDI Cash Cow

Farm Fresh Cash

Win up to $5,000 with Moola The KFDI Cash Cow and First Council 7 Clans Casino Hotel. 


Moola hoofed it out to Los Angeles to break into the moovies last fall. She landed the starring role in MOOLA Land and was nominated for the prestigious “Milky" award from the Moovie Academy.  You probably know the rest of the story -  MOOLA Land was announced as Best Moovie, but a mistake was made and the real winner was MOOnlight. 

That soured Moola on Hollywood and she found her way back to greener pastures here in Kansas.  We are so happy our beloved bovine is back.  You can win Farm Fresh Cash four times each weekday. Up to $,5000 instantly. 

Sign up for MOO MAIL today and we’ll send you the times to play each morning. (You’ll automatically get Moo Mail if you previously opted in).  Sign up for Moo Mail before Wednesday night at midnight for a chance to win a $100 cash prize.  

Important: To ensure deliver of Moo Mail please add to your address book. Also check your spam, junk or clutter folder to make sure Moo Mail does not end up there. (When you sign up for Moo Mail it may take up to 24 hours to validate). 

You have four chances to milk Moola each weekday for up to $5,000.00 courtesy of First Council 7 Clans Casino Hotel.   Sometimes Moola produces a little and sometimes she produces a ton of cash. Moola starts counting up from $101.00. Say, “STOP” before her cowbell clangs to keep the money you’ve milked.  If the cowbell clangs before you say “STOP” you’ll still walk away with $101.00.  

EZ Moo – Each Thursday one of the game plays will be worth $1,000.00.  If you subscribe to Moo Mail you’ll know exactly what time an EZ Moo happens and exaclty when to say stop.   


1.     Listen for the “Moo” cue-to-call. Call 316-436-1013 when you hear it. 

2.     The 20th caller has a chance to win up to $5,000 instantly.

3.     Say “Stop” before the cowbell clangs to keep the money you’ve milked.


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Official Moola The KFDI Cash Cow Contest Rules 


Wichita's Longest Winners List Keeps Growing

4/20 Winners
Kevin Help - Wichita - $250
Kim Heller - Harper - $101(clanged)
Erin Bales - Newton - $900
Mariah Graves - Wichita - $101 (clanged)

4/21 Winners
Toni Talvert - Wichita - $400
Dalena Mar - Derby - $101(clanged)
Michael Williams - Derby - $300
William Baldwin - Haysville - $400

4/24 Winners (whole lotta clanging going on)
Dawn Clark - Mound Ridge - $101
Brent Englebert - Wichita - $101
Cindy Halbert - Valley Center - $300
Mary Pinick - Rose Hill - $101

4/25 Winners (over $2,000 was up for grabs)
Pam Keithly - Wichita - $101
Melissa Mitchell - Rose Hill - $101
Michele Isbell - Mulvane - $350
Chad Voyles - Wichita - $200

4/26 Winners
Joy Scott - Colwich - $300
Tonya Robertson - Wichita - $101
Sherry Boesen - Wichita - $101
Judy Yoesting - Wichita - $500

4/27 Winners
Angie Wagoner - Haysville - $101
Jan Redger - Newton - $1,000 (EZ MOO)
Vickie Allala - Burrton - $300
Crystal Taylor - Park City - $101

4/28 Winners
Audrey Rivera - Mound Rodge - $450
Tia Keplinger - El Dorado - $300
Julia Griffin - Sedgwick - $101
Cindy Ford - Wichita - $101


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