The show is postponed.  A new date is pending.  As a result you will not be able to pick up your tickets until a new date is set. 
The tickets distribution process is suspended as of 3/13/20. 
Handicap Accessible Seating Available
In an effort to make this show as accessible as possible for handicapped individuals, the following guidelines, in compliance with the ADA policy of Charles Koch Arena, are in effect.  Wheelchair spaces are limited and are often the first to run out.
Handicap Accessible Seating tickets are available only at the KFDI studios.
  4200 N. Old Lawrence Rd.
  Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm
  Call 316-838-9141 with questions
Please note that handicap accessible seating is limited and not guaranteed. You MUST have a handicap accessible seating ticket to enter the venue during Handicap Seating at 5:15pm.
If you arrive at the venue with a general admission ticket and require handicap accessible seating, you’ll be required to enter with general admission ticket holders. All reasonable efforts will be made at that time to accommodate you but a  handicap  accessible seat is not guaranteed.
All handicap tickets are good only for the seat designated on the ticket.
Handicapped ticket holders will only be allowed to sit in the seat designated on their ticket. If you’d rather sit in the general admission sections, please pick up general admission tickets to the show at one of our sponsor locations. A complete list of locations can be found at or by calling 838-9141, M-F  8am -5pm.
All handicapped ticket holders will be allowed entrance to the arena beginning at 5:15pm.  Wheelchairs with one companion person will be allowed entrance first followed by ambulatory handicapped persons.  Access will only be allowed to the   specific handicapped seating sections. If you wish to sit in general  admission seating, please pick up general admission tickets as you will not have access to the rest of the arena seating during the handicapped admission process.
Wheelchair spots come with one companion seat next to them. We are able to accommodate two more guests within the handicap seating section. These additional seats will not be directly next to the wheelchair spot but will be in the row directly in front of the wheelchair spot. If you have more than three people attending with you, please secure tickets in the non-wheelchair handicap sections or in the general admission sections for those individuals.
   – If your additional guests have general admission tickets, they’ll need to enter with
     the general admission ticket holders at 5:30pm.
   – If the persons attending with you are under the age of 18, please bring another
     adult to sit with them.
If you have questions about handicap accessible seating please contact KFDI during business hours (M-F 8am – 5pm).
Thank you for your consideration towards the above guidelines. We’ll see you at the show!

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