I think I was sock shamed over the weekend.  Shaming, as you know is a thing that’s gotten a whole lot easier thanks to the internet.  Weight shaming, parenting shaming, swimsuit shaming, etc.  However, doing it in person is next level.


Michelle and I were in line to see “Crazy, Rich Asian” last Saturday (really fun movie BTW) and behind me were these two guys.  If I were to guess their ages, I’d say late teens, early 20’s.  I can hear them because they’re talking intentionally loud enough for me to hear and I think they were sock shaming me. They were talking about how ankle and “no show” socks are out of fashion and lame and “half calf” socks are in. REALLY?


When I hear “half calf” or “full calf” when it comes to socks I think of a woman Yvette I used to work with in Virginia who hated the imprint they left on her husbands legs SO MUCH that it would ruin “sexy time” for her.  So she demanded he wear ankle or no show.  No, that’s supposedly yesterday’s fashion?  Nope, I’m not buying it. What the said next however, completely blew my mind, that the sandals with socks look is totally in.  THIS IS NOT A WORLD I WANT TO LIVE IN.


So help me out….Sandals and socks, IN OR OUT?

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