The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas has issued a report calling on county election officials across the state to do more to get more people to the polls for elections.

The ACLU looked at policies and procedures in all 105 counties and created a report called All Democracy is Local:  The Impact of County Officials on Citizen Participation in Kansas Elections.  The report is asking county election officials to exercise more authority in defense and expansion of voting rights, and it also calls on them to implement reforms that have been successful in almost 20 other states.  The reforms include expanding in-person early voting and allowing voter registration on election day.

The report said “The job of county elections officials is much more than just counting votes, it is to foster a culture where democracy thrives.”   The report said Kansans really do want to vote, despite the political rancor they see in news coverage, and they will vote when arbitrary barriers are removed.

The report also addressed voter fraud, and 65 of the 77 county election officials who responded to an ACLU survey said it was “not a problem at all,” and none of them called voter fraud a significant problem.

The report calls for uniform election standards across the state, and it calls on counties to offer a full 20 days of early voting allowed by law.