by the Associated Press:

Kansas governor Laura Kelly’s plan for increasing public education funding has cleared its first hurdle in the Legislature despite unexpected resistance from some local school districts.

A Senate committee on school funding approved Kelly’s proposed increase of roughly $90 million a year on a voice vote Wednesday. The support for the Democratic governor’s bill came from the committee’s Republican majority and sent it to the full Senate for debate.

Kelly views her proposal as a simple way to comply with a Kansas Supreme Court mandate to boost education funding.

But fellow Democrats on the committee didn’t support her plan after a coalition of school districts withdrew its support.  Those districts said a second look convinced them that the plan would not provide enough money to satisfy the court.

The coalition Schools for Fair Funding includes the Wichita school district and 47 other districts across Kansas.   The districts have supported an ongoing lawsuit against the state that was started by Wichita and three other districts in 2010.