Senator Jerry Moran joined a bipartisan group of colleagues who are calling on Amtrak to continue service to rural communities in Kansas and across the United States. They want Amtrak to invest in longer distance services and state-supported routes that connect rural communities to major markets and economic opportunities. This would include the Southwest Chief, which is a daily route that runs from Los Angeles to Chicago and stops in several Kansas cities, including Lawrence, Topeka, Hutchinson, Dodge City, and Garden City. “These routes serve small, midsize, and rural communities in our states and provide essential connection to jobs, tourism, and family that are critical to the people and places we represent…we seek your firm commitment that Amtrak will abide by its statutory purpose – maintaining a truly national network for our rail system,” the senators wrote. The senators also addressed the changes Amtrak made to long-distance routes last year, such as the removal of ticket agents at stations across the country, and asked when Amtrak plans to restore services it previously provided passengers.