Mother’s Day is this weekend.  I think we can all agree that it should be Mother’s Day every day of the year.   So, using salary data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, a multi-tasking mother’s annual salary is calculated to be $508,700.  Here’s how it breaks down:

Raise children (Child care worker) $13,000

Plan vacation and play (Recreation worker) $15,500

Cook meals (Executive chef) $40,000

Serve meals (Food service worker) $20,000

Plan meals (Dietitians/nutritionists) $41,600

Keep house (Property manager) $22,600

Clean house (Housekeeper) $9,000

Care for pets (Animal caretaker) $17,500

Dispense medication (Registered nurse) $35,000

Attend functions (Management analyst) $41,000

Manage family finances (Computer system analyst) $44,000

Manage investments (Financial manager) $39,000

Carpool (Bus driver) $32,400

Homework & discipline (School principal) $58,600

Resolve family issues (Psychologist) $29,000

Keep family schedule (General office clerk) $19,000

Maintain family harmony (Social worker) $30,000

Total: $508,700

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