By the Associated Press:

The White House counsel from President Richard Nixon’s administration says he sees parallels between the Watergate investigation and special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe.

John Dean was testifying Monday at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Mueller’s report.

Dean says some of the similarities include the way the presidents used their pardon power in an attempt to influence witness testimony, and their efforts to seize control of investigations and direct efforts of prosecutors.

President Donald Trump on Monday tweeted that Dean is a “disgraced” former White House counsel.

A Justice Department team reviewing the origins of the Russia investigation has asked intelligence agencies to preserve all relevant records and to make sure witnesses are available.

That’s according to a Justice Department letter to Congress on Monday.

The letter, from Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd, says a review team led by United States Attorney John Durham will be working primarily out of Washington. The Justice Department has made existing office space available for the review.

The letter says that though Attorney General William Barr has the authority to declassify certain information, the Justice Department also believes it’s important to protect sensitive sources and methods and will prevent the “unwarranted disclosure” of information that could place someone at harm.