Man, this makes me feel old, but the movie “Field of Dreams” turns 30 this year. And like every kid who saw it, I too wished my dad would build me a baseball field in our yard so I could play ball with my friends but obviously that wasn’t practical. This kid’s dad though, disagreed with that.

Jason Kidd is his name and he lives in Youngstown, OH. Two years ago, his three-year-old son asked if they could build a baseball field in their backyard.  And his answer basically echoed what any dad would most likely say in that situation which was “Sorry champ, it’s not possible”. But then he started thinking about it, took some measurements a few days later and decided it was a GREAT idea.

He took out some trees, leveled the ground, and brought in dirt.  It’s taken two years and 30 GRAND so far.  He says the best part was seeing his son’s face light up when they put the infield in. They didn’t have room for a full, MLB-sized field.  So it’s meant more for wiffleball.  But it’s the most legit wiffleball field you’ll ever see.

He’s still planning to install a fence with foul poles, plus some lighting so they can play at night.  And there’s no corn in the outfield, like in the movie.  Because their HOUSE is in shallow center.  So they’ve probably got some broken windows in their future.

Jason says he can’t wait to see his son grow up playing on it with his friends.  And he hopes other people come use it too.