Several Wichita residents went to the city council Tuesday morning to urge them to consider a ban on single-use plastic bags.

Several cities and states have imposed bans on single-use bags at retail stores.    Wichita resident Lori Lawrence says most of the bags end up in a landfill and very few are actually recycled.   She said some of them end up in the Arkansas River and they end up getting shredded into small pieces, and the plastic is carried down the Arkansas River to the Mississippi River and then to the Gulf of Mexico.

Former city council member Lavonta Williams urged the council to create a task force to look into the feasibility of a ban on plastic bags.    She said the bags get caught in trees and fences and create litter across the community, and they don’t break down.    She said recycling facilities don’t have the capacity to deal with plastic bags and don’t want to accept them.

Council member Brandon Johnson said he conducted a social media survey last year, and he was surprised to find that a majority of people who responded are favoring a ban on single-use bags.  Johnson said he’s not against an ordinance to ban plastic bags but he wants to have more discussions and involve the business community in a decision on the issue.