Spaghetti, I think we can all agree, not the best first date food.  It’s one of the most commonly eaten meals in this country.  We’ve literally been eating it since we could eat solid foods as babies.  You would think, after all that time, we would have figured out how to do it right.  Some cut it, some try to twirl with just the fork and other just go for broke and shovel and scoop (this last method is mostly likely to produce spaghetti shrapnel) Unfortunately, no. It’s messy, the sauce ends up on our clothes and our faces.  Finally, I have the reason for all that…’s because we’ve been eating spaghetti wrong all our life. Not all of us (my wife, no surprise to me does it right) but most of us.  This is according to an article published by LIFE in 1942, that shows the proper way to enjoy spaghetti.

  1. Use your fork to separate 4 specific strands of spaghetti noodles
  2. Use a spoon to control the swirling of these 4 noodles around your fork
  3. Once twirled, put that deliciousness in your face hole
  4. Slurp:  Yes, slurping is not only acceptable, but encouraged

That’s the part I don’t get.  You spend so much time and focus making sure you get the perfect forkful, and then risk that clean white shirt with the slurp.  Furthermore, if you have it twirled around your fork, there’s nothing to slurp.  I cry shenanigans.


Anyway, go forth, enjoy your spaghetti, even on a first date.