The Sedgwick County Zoo is showing off its new logo.

As part of the zoo’s Strategic Master Plan, the new logo was created to better promote the zoo and its identity.

“Sedgwick County Zoo is such an amazing asset to the region. We are so excited to be their strategic branding partner as they get ready to evolve even further, as a local attraction and a conservation organization,” said Bill Gardner, owner and president of Gardner Design. “This new visual brand identity conveys all of the energy, positivity, and dedication they currently possess and will grow with them as they accomplish big things in the years to come.”

Creating the new logo involved a lot of analysis and feedback from staff, visitors, and board members.

“I love what the design team created for us,” says Dr. Jeff Ettling, executive director of Sedgwick County
Zoo. “It perfectly represents our Zoo, our commitment to conservation of wildlife and wild places, and
the community that we’re so proud to be a part of.”

New signs are being installed this morning.