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Nonprofit Groover Labs opens in Old Town

Nonprofit Groover Labs opens in Old Town

Nonprofit Groover Labs opens in Old Town

A new collaborative workspace has opened in Old Town.

Groover Labs is a nonprofit, 42,000 square foot facility that its founders hope will help fuel collaboration and product development here in Wichita.  The facility, located at 3rd and St. Francis contains co-working space, desks and offices, a 275-seat event center, two classrooms, conference and boardrooms.

In Spring, the makerspace will open as well, featuring a wood and metal shop, electronics lab, a fabrication lab, as well as art studio space.  WSU’s ShiftSpace is also located inside the building which was recently renovated to create Groover Labs.

The idea for the collaborative space came from Curt Gridley and Tracy Hoover.  It was funded by a $5 million investment from the Gridley Family Foundation.

Gridley, who serves as Executive Director tells KFDI News, “We’re trying to bring all the pieces together in one place to really contribute to a vibrant collaboration space and tech startup area.”  He says even though those who rent space may be working on other ideas or products, bringing those people together helps promote the sharing of ideas, which could led to the foundation of a new business or product that could be made here in Wichita.

Space can be rented on a month to month basis with varying prices depending on if someone just wants a work space or needs makerspace or an office.  Because Groover Labs is non-profit, the prices are lower than the costs of someone renting or purchasing space to get their business or idea off of the ground.

Click here for more information about Groover Labs.

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