Wichita Police say a 27-year-old Daniel Corrieri is in jail on numerous charges after he was caught trying to impersonate a police officer.

It began around 11:30 p.m. Thursday when police were contacted by two people near Harry and Webb Road who reported that a man in a White Hyundai Sonata equipped with flashing lights that resembled emergency vehicle lights.  The man was wearing a bulletproof vest and identified himself as a Wichita Police officer.

Police found Corrieri in nearby Harrison Park.  In addition to wearing a bulletproof vest, Corrieri was also wearing a law enforcement style duty belt, and was armed with a handgun.

Police also recovered a handgun inside of his Hyundai.  Officers conducted a field sobriety test and determined that Corrieri was under the influence.

He has been booked into jail on charges of impersonation of a law enforcement officer, possession of a firearm while under the influence, and DUI.

This may not be an isolated incident.  If you think you may have been stopped by Corrieri, you’re asked to contact the police case desk at 268-4221.

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation sent out a notice of Friday reporting that they have received numerous reports from the Kansas Highway Patrol and law enforcement is several areas across the state of people impersonating police officers.

In many of the incidents, the impersonator is in a vehicle without official police markings, but equipped with emergency lights.  The impersonator often questions whether the driver’s travel is “essential,” or asks for workplace documentation.

The KBI says the governor’s executive order, no person who is out for an essential task or job is required to present any letter, identification or other form of verification that they are allowed to be out of their home.  The agency says there have been at least 10 incidents at various locations across the state.

The KBI says if you think an impersonator is trying to pull you over, you should slow down, activate your hazard lights, and call 911 to confirm the vehicle following you is law enforcement.  If you believe you have been stopped by a law enforcement impersonator, you should contact your local law enforcement.