When Dancing With The Stars announced it’s line up and Carole Baskin from “The Tiger King” was on the list, I called shenanigans.  I called out ABC for using the controversy surrounding the rumors she killed her first husband as a ratings generator.  I saw right through it and after her first dance I thought she should have been eliminated.  As many did.  Also, Carole was trolled that week by the family of her first husband (who’s body is still missing) as they bought time on ABC to play a commercial regarding Carole’s alleged involvement.



However, even though she was in the bottom, ABC couldn’t get rid of her in week one.   So, they ‘saved’ her (but not us).  Fast forward a few days and now police are using cadaver dogs to search the property of a lake house that used to belong to Carole’s first husband.  See, now ABC is realizing their mistake.  They realize what I have always believed after watching “Tiger King” and many of you realized, it’s just a matter of time before they find him and Carole is charged.  So, in a move that didn’t surprise anyone last night, Carole was eliminated.  If not for the dogs, ABC probably would have let the Cat Woman stick around.  Oh, and in case you were wondering, her dance move were not good.


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