Around 483,000 advance ballots have been mailed in Kansas for the November 3rd general election, and over 31-thousand people have voted in person so far at the advance voting sites across the state.

The numbers were released Tuesday by the Kansas Secretary of State’s office.   Secretary of State Scott Schwab said the numbers are “astounding” for in-person voting and they show that people are still feeling confident that they can go to a voting location to cast ballots.

The deadline to ask for a mail ballot is October 27th, and Schwab said that’s very late, especially for people who can only vote by mail.   He said that may not allow enough time for a person to receive the ballot and return it by November 6th.    Schwab says “if you don’t have to mail that ballot, please don’t.  We’ve done what we can to provide drop boxes across the counties.”  He said counties have also invested in drop boxes to place them in population centers.    Schwab said people can also take their ballots to advance voting sites or to the polling places on election day to drop them off.

Schwab said people who apply for an advance ballot should not go out and vote in person.   He said the voter will have to fill out a provisional ballot and then election workers will have to wait and see if the advance ballot comes in.    If the advance ballot arrives by mail, it will be the ballot that counts.  If not, the provisional ballot will be counted.

Schwab is urging people to follow the recommendations of health officials.  He said polling places cannot require masks, but it would be a good idea to wear one.   Places like schools and churches where voting takes place may require a mask because of local health orders.