Justin Case

Nights 8pm -12m

I started in radio when I was 15 years old.  It is all I've ever wanted to do.  I love being part of a community and helping make a difference.  

 I've worked at stations big and small on air and as program director for companies all over.  Eleven states.  I spent  10 years with CBS Radio in Chicago, Buffalo and Pittsburgh. I met my in Maine.  We worked together at the same station.  I know, scandalous!   Before moving to Wichita, I spent 8 years in Birmingham, AL.    I'm also the Program Director for KFDI and  the Operations Manager for Scripps Media, Inc. in Wichita.  

I went to school to be a photographer.  I worked in a portrait studio and did my share of senior pictures and weddings.  I freelanced as a sports photographer for several newspapers way back.  But, I loved radio more.  

My wife Ronda and I like to cycle.  If it is nice out - we're probably out on one of the many bike paths and trails around Wichita.  In 2015 we cycled in South Africa.  And in 2012 we hiked Machu-Picchu in Peru.  That may sound extreme, but doesn't compare to facing a 35 mph head wind in Kansas.  





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