How To Enable The KFDI Skill On Your Amazon Echo

Listen Live, News and More Chocies

You can enjoy KFDI on your Amazon Echo or Dot device.  We've built a custom skill for Alexa and all you need to do is enable it. There are a couple of ways to do that and the words you use are really important.   

The first way is to simply say, "Alexa... enable KFDI Skill."  Alexa may say, "that may take a minute," but the wait is worth it.  After the KFDI skill enabled - you can simply say, "Alexa... open KFDI.(It is important you `enable' before you `open' KFDI to take advantage of all the features.) 

You can also enable the KFDI Skill from the Amazaon Alexa App. From the home page select (+ skills.)  Type "KFDI" in the search bar.  You will see two choices.  One is the full KFDI skill, the second is to enable the KFDI Flash Briefing only.  Please select them both.  Note: The Flash Briefing is included in the full KFDI Skill.   

After you open KFDI, you'll hear our welcome message with choices. You can say, "Listen Live," "News," "Can't Top Tiny," or "More Choices!"  Then you can select Carol's "Song of the Week," or "Country Music Minute."

Important Reminders -  You need to enable the KFDI skill prior to opening it with the proper voice-enablement command to take full advantage of the skill.

  • “Alexa, enable KFDI skill.”
  • “Alexa, open KFDI.” will access the custom skill.  

We hope you will enjoy listening to and interacting with our KFDI skill.  

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