Air quality mascot appears on Wichita bus

The city is still in ozone season

A Wichita Transit bus was on display at city hall Thursday with new artwork that will call attention to the city's air quality efforts.  

The bus displays "Beeatrice" the bee that is the city's air quality mascot.   The mascot has been featured on the web site    

The city's air quality specialist, Baylee Cunningham, said the city has not had any ozone alerts so far this year.  A measurement on May 30th was close to the ozone limit set by federal regulations, but she said the city has not been close to the limit since that time. 

The city's web site at and the web site have steps that people can take to help keep ozone levels down.   The steps include walking, riding a bicycle, car-pooling, and limiting the time that their vehicle is idling. 


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