BLM protest changed to cookout

WICHITA, Kan. - Wichita Police Chief, Gordon Ramsay, says he has been working with Black Lives Matter leaders, and a protest that was planned for Sunday is being canceled.

Instead, the police department is hosting a cookout at McAdams Park. Black Lives Matter leaders are calling it the First Steps BBQ.

Chief Ramsay says the event is a much more positive way for police and activists to interact, as opposed to meeting head to head at protest line.

Many have come forward to donate to help fund the cookout. Ramsay says by the time you pay for additional officers and overtime that needed for a protest, a cookout is actually cheaper.

The Wichita Police Department has event details on their Facebook page. So far, the cookout is gathering a positive response, with many suggesting Wichita's example should be followed across the country.



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