City unveils Carry Nation statue downtown

Outside the Eaton Hotel

WICHITA, Kan. - A statue honoring a temperance movement leader has been unveiled in downtown Wichita. 

Carry A. Nation achieved notoriety in the early 1900s for smashing furniture and bottles with a hatchet. The City of Wichita stated Nation referred to her acts as "hatchetations," when she and her followers would march into drinking establishments singing hymns, carrying Bibles, and smashing furniture and bottles to protest the consumption of alcohol.

The new statue honoring Nation was unveiled Saturday morning outside the Eaton Hotel, the site of Nation's attack on the Carey Hotel bar on December 27, 1900. 

"We think it's a proper memorial to kindof an extraordinary woman who was important in Wichita history and went on to press the prohibition issue all around the country for many years," said the statue benefactor and local philanthropist Eric Engstrom. 


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