Click It or Ticket campaign underway

WICHITA, Kan. - Wichita area police and Sheriff's deputies are participating in this year's Click It or Ticket campaign. 

The Kansas Department of Transportation uses grant money to pay for extra patrols across the state. This allows law enforcement officers to conduct extra patrols, day and night, to look for people who are not using their seat belts. 

In Kansas, it is a $30 fine for adults not wearing their belts. If a kid in your car isn't buckled up, that's a $60 fine. Unrestrained kids up to 13-year-old also involve court fees that could add up to $108.

According to KDOT, in 92-percent of crashes that saw no injuries, the occupants in the vehicles involved were wearing their seat belts. Of fatal crashes, only 45-percent of victims were wearing their seat belts. 

Kansas also sees a disparity in seat belt use rates between rural and urban areas. On average, 82-percent of adults in Kansas are properly restrained, but that number can dip as low as 61-percent in rural counties. 

The Click It or Ticket enforcement runs May 21 to June 3. 

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