Cosmosphere to restore Apollo Mission Control

Equipment arrived Monday in Hutchinson

HUTCHINSON, Kan. - The Kansas Cosmosphere has taken possession of the original Mission Control equipment used during the Apollo missions at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

Cosmosphere President Jim Remar watched as the consoles were unloaded Monday morning at their off-site restoration facility.  Speaking to KFDI News, Remar talked about the work that will be done to restore the consoles.

Remar says te consoles are the very same that were used by NASA when man first walked on the moon, and when scientists were trouble shooting the Apollo 13 mission.  The work needed to be done will be extensive.

Each console will be taken apart, with each component thoroughly cleaned and restored, before being coated in a protective wax that will prevent corrosion.  Next, the old CRT monitors will be replaced with new technology that will display actual graphics that would have been displayed during missions.

Remar says all of the restoration work will be completed and the consoles returned to Johnson Space Center, in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission where man first walked on the moon.

Watch below:


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