Federal Judge strikes down Kobach's voter restrictions

Back in March of this year, both the Kansas, and national ACLU took Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach to court over the state's restrictions on the right to vote. Federal Judge Julie Robinson, a judge appointed by President George W. Bush, oversaw the bench trial Fish v. Kobach. Judge Robinson held Kobach in contempt of court for failing to implement her orders in the case. 

Monday afternoon, a ruling came down from Judge Robinson in favor of the ACLU. The ruling stated that the "proof of citizenship" law was a violation of federal law. The law required voters to provide a birth certificate, passport, or some other document in order to be allowed to vote. 

The ACLU of Kansas is a statewide affiliate of the national American Civil Liberties Union, and is dedicated to preserving and advancing civil rights and legal freedoms guaranteed by the US Constitution. 

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