Firework found near Reno County wildfire site

The wildfires that burned in Reno County last month have been ruled "suspicious." Law enforcement in the county teamed up to try to find what started the fires.
Investigators released an update on the fires in Reno County March 4th and 5th. Our news partners at KWCH report the 43rd and Jupiter Hills fire and the 17th and Faubion fires started near the road, with "no other possible sources of ignition in the area."
Law enforcement also found a firework, a "Ground Bloom," near where a fire started at 82nd and Monroe. It's not clear if that fire was intentionally set.


So far there aren't any suspects, but investigators are following up on several leads. If you know anything about how the fires may have started, you're asked to call Crime Stoppers at 620-694-2666 or 1-800-222-8477.
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