Increased police presence planned during NCAA games in Old Town

30 to 40 officers patrolling

WICHITA, Kan. - Wichita police say they're trying to prepare for traffic and safety concerns around Old Town during the NCAA games this week. Part of that preparation involves an increase in the number of officers stationed in Old Town.

Deputy Chief Troy Livingston said between 15,000 and 25,000 people are expected around the INTRUST Bank Arena between Wednesday and Saturday.

"We understand this brings an increase of people to the core area," Livingston said. To promote a safe environment, Livingston said between 30 and 40 Wichita Police Officers will be stationed around Old Town during and after tournament events. The officers will patrol the Old Town area and INTRUST Bank Arena on foot as well as on bicycles, horseback, and vehicles.

"All these officers will be provided information to provide to citizens going to the games," Livingston said. "We also encourage anybody that sees any suspicious activity to please call 911 and report it."

Deputy Chief Livingston said the NCAA tournament games at INTRUST Bank Arena will be one of the Wichita Police Department's biggest undertakings, but the plan of operations will be similar to the annual Wichita River Festival.

The deputy chief said the Wichita Police Department is also working with other agencies to try to keep the NCAA games safe, including the Sedgwick County Sheriff's Office, EMS, 911 Dispatch, the Wichita Fire Department, INTRUST Bank Arena officials, the NCAA, and the US Department of Justice.

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