KBI investigating sheriff's deputy

Witnesses have been questioned in Phillips County

The Kansas Bureau of Investigation is looking into allegations against a deputy and a former employee in Phillips County, in the northern part of the state. 

The Phillips County Sheriff's Office revealed the investigation in a post on Facebook:

A couple weeks ago, Sheriff Radabaugh and Undersheriff Stephen became aware of allegations against a former employee. They assigned a Deputy to investigate the allegation and within an hour, that Deputy was also implicated in the allegation.

Sheriff Radabaugh then contacted KBI and requested their assistance and that they take over the investigation.

KBI agents have been in Phillips County and have interviewed witnesses. We expect them to return soon and complete their investigation.

As you may recall, Sheriff Radabaugh has said many times that the laws apply to everyone and will be enforced as such. Should the allegations prove to be true, appropriate personnel action will be taken and the case will be forwarded to the County Attorney for charges against the individuals.

We will update everyone on KBI's findings, either good or bad, when they complete their investigation. Until that time, any further statements will be issued by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation.


No other information has been released by the KBI on the investigation at this time.

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