It's the last season for Lawrence-Dumont Stadium

The city is making plans for a new sports complex

WICHITA, Kan - The Wichita Wingnuts baseball team has announced that the 2018 season will be the last one for Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.  

In a press release, Wingnuts owner and president Nate Robertson said the stadium has been an integral part of the history of Wingnuts baseball and the entire fabric of the Wichita community.  The stadium has hosted the National Baseball Congress World Series since its construction in 1934, and in 1949 it was the final host for the College World Series before its move to Omaha.

The Wingnuts are planning events this year to recognize the history of Lawrence-Dumont Stadium, and historic uniforms will be worn during games and then auctioned off.  The Wingnuts will begin their 11th season on May 18th.

Wichita officials are making plans for a new stadium and sports complex to replace Lawrence-Dumont Stadium.  The city council approved an initial $29.5 million plan last year for a new stadium that can host different sporting events and concerts. 



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