Park board president to run for city council

Cindy Claycomb announces run in District 6

The president of Wichita's park board has announced that she will be running for a seat on the city council . 

Cindy Claycomb made the announcement Thursday after forming an exploratory committee and talking about a possible candidacy with residents and civic and business leaders.  She will be running for the District 6 seat, representing north central Wichita. 

Claycomb said she is committed and ready to work to move Wichita forward in a fiscally responsible manner. In addition to the park board, she also serves as board chairman for the Wichita Downtown Development Corporation and serves on the city council district 6 advisory board.  She is the Assistant to the President at Wichita State University. 

The District 6 seat is currently held by Janet Miller, who is completing the two-term limit for council members. 

The primary election will be August 1st, and the general election is November 7th. 

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