Pipeline rupture rocks Harvey County

Flames shot higher than 50 feet in the air

HARVEY COUNTY, Kan. - Emergency crews are responding to a pipeline emergency in Harvey County.

Flames shot more than 50 feet into the air after a pipeline ruptured near West Dutch and Hertzler, west of Hesston. Residents in Hesston said the whole town shook after the explosion around 7 a.m. Friday.

"I noticed this on my way into work from McPherson from six or seven miles away," said KFDI's Bryce LeGrand.

A supervisor with Harvey County Emergency Dispatch said fire, EMS, police, and all available emergency crews are responding to that pipeline emergency.

"You could see the flames as far as you could see, it's huge," said Hesston resident Bill Hurst. "I'm over here at the barber shop right now, and you can hear the 'whooshing.'"

"It sounds like a jet taking off," LeGrand said. "It sounds like the jets at McConnell."

Emergency crews are now on scene at the fire and letting the rest of the gas in the pipeline burn off, now that the pipe has been shut off. Sheriff's deputies urged everyone to stay away from the area of West Dutch and Hertzler and closed off roads in the area.

KFDI News has reached out to the gas company that owns the line and to emergency services to find out more information, including whether the smoke is dangerous to nearby residents.

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